Thursday, November 27, 2008

Not so good at this...

blog thing! I just don't the time I'd like to play on here more when I'm at home! I missed Libby's challenge this week...I'm so bummed cause I LOVED Courtney's precious dress! I'm REALLY going to try to get one done this week of that super cute picture of Carter as a baby in his elephant jammies! (So cute!) I love all the colors, so sitting here at work tonight, I'm totally visioning my card! What elephant I'll use, the papers I have the will look good! Anything to get my mind off work. I've been here 10hrs, and have 2 more to go on my shift! Hope everyone else had a SUPER-DUPER Happy Thanksgiving day! And hope you all ate LOADS of good food! Remember all that you gain, you have to lose again, so take it easy!!! Happy Holidays...until next time!

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